For those of you who have been living under a rock… The Jersey Shore has taken over the world. Airing Thursday nights on MTV, Jersey Shore has become one of the most highly anticipated and highly reality shows on television.

Living the “rock and roll” lifestyles, these 8 housemates spend lots of time at their favorite night clubs, such as Karma…. and that’s the only club they ever show.

As the DJ spins their favorite house songs, they instinctively throw their hands up, curl their fingers into their palms, and beat up the beat.  The fist pump dance phenomenon has been sweeping the NYC metropolitan area for the past decade.

In order to be recognized for your fist pumping ability, you need to have the strongest/hardest fist pump out on the dance floor.

Physique 180 is proud to deliver to you a fun and entertaining video.  Increase your fist pump is just what you need to differentiate yourself from everyone else at the club.





To read more about the Jersey Shore Cast… click here


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