Are you lost at they gym? Tired of the same workout routine?

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

You aren’t the only one.  

Unsure what exercise to do next, you jump on the nearest machine, do a couple of reps, and then move on to the elliptical or the showers.  You know that going to they gym, weight training, cardio training, and flexibility, are all important if you want to change your body and live a healthier lifestyle.


Do you go to the gym and do the same routine every day or every week?  When you first started, your body changed quickly, but now your progress has slowed or even come to a screeching halt.  You have been experiencing the plateau effect.  This is when your body becomes unresponsive to certain exercises because it knows whats coming (muscle confusion).  This concept has been part of the fitness industry for decades but has been brought to the forefront buy infomercials like P90X.  

These fitness system DVD’s promise results in the comfort of your own living room with the help of a personal trainer on your TV screen.  Some people enjoy exercising and sweating on their living room carpet.  They enjoy hiding pull-up bars, concealing adjustable dumbbells in the corner of their bedroom, and buying more equipment when they progress far beyond the basics.  

The truth about these DVD’s… is that they are not for everyone.  Diving head first into a training program well beyond the exerciser can be detrimental.  Your body must adjust to the stresses you place on it.  Ligaments and tendons must strengthen in order to keep up with the demand of high intensity training.  If you go too hard too fast, the end result will be injury and more money spent on physical therapy.  

Also, it can be discouraging if your are unable to complete any of the exercises shown.  No one wants to be told that they are not good enough or fit enough to keep up.  When this happens, people quit.  I see it all of the time!  

Others enjoy the inspiring atmosphere and social aspect of their local health club.  They don’t want to cancel their membership.  They don’t want to clutter their homes or apartments with fitness equipment.  They don’t want to buy more resistance bands or 5 lb plates for their dumbbells.  

But when you go to the gym, are you getting the most out of it?  Is your body changing?  Are you seeing the results you want?

You join a gym hoping to see your body transform quickly.  But you get frustrated when the change is minimal or non exsistant.  This is when you make a big decision: give up and try again next year or hire a personal trainer to push your body to the next level.  Now the problem becomes: which trainer is the best for you?  What can they do to garentee your fitness success?

Your trainer should provide you with guidance on all three sides of the fitness triangle.  Weight training, cardio training, and nutrition are important aspects to your fitness success.  

Now another issue comes up… scheduling!  Is the trainer you want available at the same times you are?  If the trainer is one of the best, chances are, they have a full roster or are unavailable.

Well soon there will be new hope!

No more walking aimlessly around the gym.  No more of the same workout over and over.

You can train with some of Hollywood’s most well respected and sought after personal trainers. will provide  training routine videos, quick healthy cooking videos, and cardio programs for all people, ranging from beginners to fitness enthusiasts.  

All of this information can be downloaded and carried in the palm of your hand.  You can download videos to your ipod or ipad or access them with your smartphone.

The trainers behind Physique 180 understand everyone has different learning preferences.  So, not only will they provide 1 hour training videos to maximize your efficiency in the gym. but they also provide verbal cues to remind you of proper form and technique while doing each exercise.  

The thought process behind your workout is gone!  Just plug your headphones into your ipod and go, go, go!  Watch the videos when you are unsure of what the exercise looks like or just listen carefully and follow along.

No more syncing up schedules.  Physique 180 virtual trainer will there when you need it.  

Click here to visit Physique 180 and place your email in the coming soon box so we can notify you when the service is ready.

We are excited about the lifestyle help and encouragement can provide for you.  Let us be your trainer.


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