Immortals Movie – Hollywood Workout

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Uncategorized
Get ready….

From the makers of 300 comes the 2011, highly anticipated, Immortals. And from… The Immortals Workout

A sure to be, box office hit, that will display the ripped physiques of Greek gods and goddesses.

Theseus, played by Henry Cavill, comes forth to save Hyperion.  As the lead character, Cavill had to make sure that his body was that of a Greek god (well… at least savior of the Gods).

Luke Evans plays the role of Zeus, so you know he has to look the part.  As the God of Gods, Luke trained extra hard to stand out amongst the other immortals.

Kellen Lutz, who plays Poseidon, has been praised for his buff body in previous movies, including the Twilight Saga.

In order to get a rock hard body, you training must be spot on and your diet as clean as possible.

Here is a training routine inspired by the hard bodies of Immortals.  A full body routine designed to maximize muscular definition and minimize fat deposits.  Creating strength and shredding muscles 360 degrees around the body!

Now you give it a shot!

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